Animation and Graphic Design courses online

Animation and Graphic Design courses online

Courses in animation graphic design are a fantastic way to learn the principles of designing and producing outstanding animation images. These programmes provide thorough training in both conventional animation methods and the most recent digital tools employed in the animation business today. The fundamentals of design as well as the computer tools and programming languages needed to create animated images will be taught to the students. They will also learn about current trends and methods used by animators in games, television, movies, and online design projects. Students can develop the abilities and creativity required for success in the fascinating subject of animation graphic design through these courses.

What are courses in animation graphic design?

1. Introduction to Animation: This course offers a basic grasp of motion, timing, spacing, design concepts, 3D/2D computer animation, and other elements of animation and visual storytelling.
2. Character Design: In this course, students discover how to develop interesting and captivating characters for animated works. They will also gain a strong understanding of anatomy and explore character expression, gesture, and body language.
3. Storytelling & Narrative: By emphasising the creation of efficient story structure, narrative arcs, and editing procedures, students in this course learn how to build appealing narratives with animation projects.

4. Principles of Colour Theory: In this course, colour theory concepts that are employed in graphic design are covered, and the significance of utilising various colour schemes in animation projects is highlighted.

5. Typography & Layout Design: Students enrolled in this course gain knowledge of the foundations of typography and layout design as they relate to digital illustration, motion graphics design, and 3D/2D animation approaches.
6. Compositing & Motion Graphics: Students gain knowledge of advanced motion graphics methods and 2D compositing to produce text animations and attractive compositions.
7. Special Effects: To create more dynamic animations, this course shows students how to include special effects including lighting, texturing, and particle systems.

8. Audio for Animation Projects: Students learn how to record audio for their projects or select pre-recorded sound effects to enrich their animations further with soundtracks that support the overall narrative framework of their work in this course.

Benefits of Graphic Design Education 

1. Develop your talents as a multidisciplinary graphic designer capable of creating designs for a variety of platforms, including web, print, and video production. This can be done by taking graphic design courses. 

2. Examine various forms of animation: You can experiment with many forms of animation while honing the abilities required to effectively animate visuals with convincing motion effects that draw in audiences, such as classic cel-shading and computer-generated animations. 

3. Distinguish yourself from the competition: By taking animation graphic design classes, you may acquire cutting-edge technologies that will enable you to produce visually captivating content that will set your work apart from other designers already working in the field. 

4. Push creative boundaries: By combining real-world applications of illustration, photography, type design, and user experience design, you may develop creative problem-solving skills that enable you to think beyond the box when designing unique images for clients' projects!

Popular India-based online graphic design courses 

1. An eduCBA Certified Course in Professional Graphic Design Diploma

Features: This 6-month diploma programme covers subjects like developing a corporate identity, photographing and retouching photos, and web design and development. Additionally, it provides in-depth expertise on software programmes and digital tools including CorelDraw, Photoshop, and Illustrator. 180-hour duration; 3990 INR fee.

2. The Asian College of Teachers' (ACT) certified course on Adobe Photoshop

Features: The 12-week online course offers in-depth instruction on a variety of Adobe Photoshop topics, including picture editing and making photo collages. It covers a variety of subjects, including picture masking, layer styles, selection approaches, and colour effect manipulation. Cost: INR 13999; time commitment: 84 hours.

3. A Coursera certificate in graphic design (a recognised course)

Features: This 5-course programme introduces students to interactive designs for the web and mobile devices as well as design fundamentals for print media. The programmes include Responsive Website Design Fundamentals, Logos & Icons with Illustrator CC, Graphic Design for Social Media, and Image Manipulation with Photoshop CC. Fee: INR 7780; duration: around 13 weeks.

List of the top graphic design programmes with credentials offered online in India

1. Learn GREAT Design with the Graphic Design Masterclass on Udemy.

2. California Institute of the Arts' Graphic Design Specialisation on Coursera

Best Sites for Online Animation Graphic Design Courses 

1. Udemy: Udemy offers a wide selection of animation and graphic design courses at all skill levels, including options like Digital Drawing and Animation, Motion Graphics Design, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects Animation, and many more.

2. Coursera: A platform for online education, Coursera offers thousands of courses on a range of topics, including animation and graphic design. Their courses in animation and graphic design encompass a variety of subjects, including Adobe Photoshop, 3D modelling and animation, and vector graphics and typography design.

3. CreativeLive: CreativeLive provides a wide selection of top-notch animation and graphic design courses, from introductory tutorials to more complex courses on subjects like Motion Graphic Design for Storytelling and UX/UI for Visual Designers.

4. Pluralsight: Pluralsight offers a range of animation and graphic design training with skill-based levels ranging from fundamental understanding to the development of professional talents. The principles of character rigging and animation, mobile user interface design, and mastering Adobe Illustrator are just a few of the topics covered.

5. Skillshare: Skillshare offers an outstanding selection of graphic design and animation courses, ranging from beginner-level alternatives like 2D Hand-drawn Character Animations for Beginners or Colour Grading for Motion Graphics to more advanced options like Adobe Illustrator or Figma for UX/UI Designers.

List of the top graphic design programmes with credentials offered online in India

1. Adobe Photoshop for Motion Graphics & Animation (Udemy)
2. Create Beautiful Motion Graphics with After Effects for Beginners (Udemy)
3. Character Animation and Modelling in Maya (Udemy)
7. Master Creative Storytelling & Animation with Learn Animate CC (Skillshare)
8. Interactive Design & Animation for Screen Design (Course; certificate available upon request)
9. UC San Diego's Motion Graphic Design Specialisation (Coursera, certificate upon request)
10. Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Video Animation and Special Effects Production (Skillshare; certificate available upon request)

Choosing an Animation Graphic Design Course: Important Considerations 

A. Price/Budget To ascertain whether an animation graphic design course fits within your budget, it is critical to assess the total cost, which includes tuition and other related costs. Think about whether there are any alumni or student discounts available for the course.

B. The calibre and subject matter of the course materials and curriculum Make sure the course materials and content provide a thorough understanding of animation graphic design by thoroughly researching and reviewing them. Think about things like design fundamentals, colour theory, typography, industry standards and procedures, and software utilised in the area.

C. Instructor Reputation and Credentials: Seek out courses with reputable professors who have extensive backgrounds in animation graphic design. The instructor's knowledge and experience should be suitable for assisting students in grasping the fundamentals of animation graphic design and accepted industry standards.

Tips for Achieving Success in an Animation Graphic Design Course 

1. As a first step, make a list of your learning objectives and what you intend to learn from the course. You'll be able to focus and stay on task by doing this.

2. Get to know your instructor or teacher and make sure they are aware of any issues you may be having so they can help you out as needed.

3. Use online forums, blogs, tutorials, and reference materials to expand your knowledge and abilities in the field of animation graphic design. 

4. Spend more time honing the knowledge you learned in class. For better understanding, take thorough notes, do assignments on your own, and attempt to simplify complex ideas.

5. Establish a study calendar for yourself and learn how to prioritise your workload based on due dates. Break up long-term projects into smaller pieces. 

6. Be open-minded regarding the creative processes taught in animation graphic design classes because doing so can result in fresh perspectives on how things operate and more innovative solutions to issues that arise throughout coursework.

7. Ask questions during class if you don't understand something; doing so will help you get the most of the information covered in the course and ensure that nothing is missed.


The fundamental skills required to produce visuals and interactive features for projects like web pages, video games, and mobile applications are taught in animation and graphic design courses. These seminars provide education in more sophisticated techniques for animation, such as motion capture and 3D modelling, in addition to teaching conventional skills such teaching hand-drawn sketches, animation software, and fundamental computer coding. Taking an animation graphic design course can aid in the development of artistic vision while exploring creative problem-solving, regardless of whether students desire to seek a profession in the area or just enhance their skills for personal projects.

In conclusion, training in animation graphic design provide a range of abilities that are useful both professionally and personally. They provide training in both more conventional approaches like coding and sketching as well as more contemporary ones like motion capture and 3D modelling. Students can gain the necessary skills to succeed in the realm of digital media by enrolling in one of these courses.

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