Complete Guide: Cheap business to start under 10K Rupee

Cheap business to start under 10K

Are you looking for a cheap business, which you can start with Rs 10,000? Today I will tell you about some such businesses that can be started with less investment. Do you want to change your life from 9-5 and start your own business? You can start these happy businesses with investment, using which you can earn a very good income by working as per your wish and you can also do a side hustle with these businesses.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the top businesses that start with a lot of investment and whose income growth is high. From freelancer service to digital marketing and management, there is some business for everyone based on the growing technology. According to this, now all the businesses are giving importance to online and now all the small to big businesses are paying more attention to online, so keeping all these things in mind, I have brought this top business, so stay connected with this blog, may there be more work. Reaching great heights in the investment business

If you really want to start a business that can be started with investment and which also has a high income, then I have found some top businesses, especially for you, so let me tell you how you can start these businesses. Can. How can you start your dream business with Rs 10000? You will get the complete guide in this blog, so stay tuned.

Freelance Services

Freelancer is a business that you can start on the basis of your skills and can earn income by helping small and big businesses. You will give them your service dose and they will pay you in exchange for your service. You can give them many services. Like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, you can provide other digital marketing services and earn money. You can do it both part-time and full-time. You can learn digital marketing online in 2-3 days with your freelancing skills. can earn

There is a lot of need for freelancers in online businesses, so all small and big businesses hire freelancers and earn on the basis of hours or days. If you want to become a freelancer then you will have to learn some high-demand skills like graphic designing, web development, digital marketing, and Facebook ads. You can start freelancing by learning any of these skills and stay updated with all the news related to your skills, Otherwise, you will not be able to make a career in freelancing.

Everyone starts freelancing, but you have to target such skills in which there is low competition, only then will you be able to make a career in freelancing. The biggest problem in freelancing is to get clients and funds. Everyone starts freelancing but due to not getting clients, they leave it. Let's go, you can find clients in two ways, first way, according to your skill, you can fund clients by running ads on Facebook-Google, 2. You can fund clients from freelancing sites, here are some websites

E-commerce Store

If you want to start a high-return business with investment, then you can start e-commerce. This business is a business in which hard work and profit are high. You do not need a high investment to start this business. With low investment, you can start it and make your career in e-commerce. Through e-commerce, you can sell your product all over the world and make huge profits. Your visitors can order anytime 24/7 and the business owner can work at your store anytime

The biggest problem for the business owner is where to create the same store. Today we will tell you that you can use Shopify to create an online store where you can fully customize your store and create your You can launch a store, and you can use your custom domain to showcase your store, this makes a good impression on the customers, this way they come to know the name of your business and they start trusting you.

And you have opened your store, now it is the turn of inventory because if someone orders a product from you, then you can do dropshipping to learn how to deliver the product to him. Dropshipping means that you can talk to someone who has the inventory of that product. If you can, then you just have to send the customer link and full details to that investor owner and after adding your commission, you can sell further. And your delivery hassles also end.

Home-based Bakery

If you are fond of baking then you can start your own home-based business and you can get the highest returns from this business because it is home-based so people can buy it at a very high price. You can turn your baking hobby into a successful business.

It's the perfect time to show off your baking skills Whether you're an expert in making traditional breads, delicious cakes, or delicious pastries, a home-based bakery allows you to create delicious treats for friends, family, and customers.

The biggest problem that a baking owner faces is where to sell his dish. You can sell your dish online or offline. Offline, you can do it through your store or ground marketing. Second, you can sell online through Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Social Media Management

If you love social media and you keep scrolling through the pages all day long and you have a lot of knowledge about social media, then you can do it through social media marketing and can earn money, all you have to do is fund small and big businesses and You can tell them about your services and provide them your services. If they are interested in your service then you can talk to them further and let them see your portfolio.

Nowadays, all businesses are paying more attention to creating their social media presence, so you can tell such businesses about your service and you can do their social media handling, in return you will be given money, in this way, you can handle social media. You can earn money through this. You will not need much investment to start this business. You can start this business by investing only.

Acquiring clients is essential for the success and growth of your social media management business. You will have to create an effective strategy to find customers, which includes taking advantage of social media, attending industry events, etc. You should keep updating your skills continuously, only then you will be able to make your career in social media marketing.

Virtual Assistant Services

Do you want to enter the world of remote work and entrepreneurship? Our fifth business idea, virtual assistant services, may be just what you need. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explain in detail how to offer virtual assistant services, from understanding the role to finding clients and growing your business.

Virtual assistant services involve providing administrative, creative, or technical assistance to clients remotely. As businesses and entrepreneurs increasingly adopt remote work and outsourcing, the demand for virtual assistants is increasing. From managing emails and scheduling appointments to handling social media and conducting research, virtual assistants play a vital role in helping clients streamline their operations and focus on core business activities.

To excel as a virtual assistant, you'll need a diverse skill set and the ability to adapt to different tasks and responsibilities. We'll explore the common skills and tasks required by clients, including communication, organization, time management, customer service, data entry, content creation, and technical proficiency. Whether you're assisting with administrative tasks, managing projects, or providing specialized services like graphic design or website maintenance, versatility is the key to success as a virtual assistant.

Finding clients is essential to starting and growing your virtual assistant business. We'll share practical strategies for marketing your services and attracting clients, including creating a professional website and online presence, networking within your industry and online communities, leveraging social media platforms, and reaching out directly to potential clients. Is. By showcasing your skills, experience, and value proposition, you can establish credibility and attract clients who need your services.

Tutoring or Coaching Services

If you are interested in teaching then you can definitely teach through tuition or coaching and there is a lot of scope in this business because there is no work in coaching, you just have to find a place where there is a school or college and you start teaching there. You can do it, and if you cannot teach offline then you can start teaching online, and to teach online you do not need to spend much, you just need to have a smartphone with which you can record videos. 

Because you can start teaching on YouTube or Instagram, you must have seen that many teachers are teaching on YouTube and their income is also very high, so you can also make your career as an online teacher and upload your videos on YouTube. Can be made educational. You can earn a good amount of money by uploading videos with the help of YouTube monetization, and you can also earn by selling your online course.


I feel that from what I have told you about your business, you can start all the businesses in just Rs 10 thousand and your This is how you can make a career and to know more about business, read our other posts also. Thank you.

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